Comando A.N.A.
Illustration, Graphic Design, Branding
Dangerous is not the breed
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation
Pescatore e Feluche
Illustration, Graphic Design, Drawing
Asociación de Oceanógrafo de Andalucía - Logo
Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design
Drawing, Cartooning, Illustration
What beaked whales see at 1,000 meters deep?
Graphic Design, Illustration
Oceana: #SOSswordfish - Infographic
Information Architecture, Art Direction, Illustration
Swimming in the Med
Cartooning, Graphic Design, Illustration
Whale - Mynimals
Cartooning, Drawing, Illustration
Leo - Mynimals
Cartooning, Drawing, Illustration
Bee - Mynimals
Game Design, Illustration
Oceana: #SOSswordfish
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Pompano - Trachinotus ovatus
Digital Art, Fine Arts, Illustration
Oodles - Naming & Brand identity
Art Direction, Branding, Print Design
Mynimals - illustrations
Cartooning, Drawing, Illustration
Minimal Movie Posters
Cinematography, Graphic Design, Print Design
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